yrlogoWho are the YRs?

The Delaware County Young Republicans are a social networking group of 18-40 year old like minded individuals seeking to both branch out socially and promote community involvement at the local level. Whether you want to become involved in Delco GOP politics, like volunteering your time to help the community, or simply enjoy networking or talking to people with similar ideas, there’s a place for you within the Club. We generally meet at least six times a year, and we usually have a guest speaker, who is involved in Delco politics, to address the Club about how they became involved, what’s happening in the County, and how YRs can get more involved. Besides our meetings, we are occasionally asked to help with various campaigns, and to attend various mixers and fundraisers to spread the word about upcoming elections. If your interest is statewide or even national politics, there are opportunities to meet YRs from all over the Commonwealth, and the rest of the country.

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